Firehair. Easterner Princess Smith (later Lynn Cabot) relocates to the western frontier with her father. But during a wagon train trip west, they are ambushed by a gang of white men dressed up as Dakota warriors. The entire train is killed, but Princess is only knocked out. She is rescued by Little Ax, a real Dakota, who brings her to his people, sees that she is healed, and adopts her as his sister. She has amnesia, and spends months among the Dakota, believing she is one of their own. Eventually she learns her true identity, avenges her father’s death, and begins fighting evil on the western frontier. She fights the pirates of the Queen of the Mississippi, the Blackfeet, the Pawnees, cowgirl outlaws like the Six-Gun Siren, evil white men, and other Old West-style villains. Firehair appears in stories with titles like “The Phantoms of Renegade Trail," "The Outlaw Pack of Hangman's Mesa," and "The Apaches Hunt by Night."

First Appearance: Rangers Comics #21 (Fiction House), Feb 1945. 100+ appearances, 1945-1952. Created by Lee Elias and ?  









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