Firebrand (II). "In the noonday sun, a line man is actively engaged repairing a broken wire...from the pit of the sun, a powerful bolt hurtles earthward." The bolt strikes the man, who is found by Professor Rand, “eminent electrical scientist.” Rand then performs an experiment on the man (who is never given a name), giving him "unlimited strength and speed, with control over electricity's most powerful ray,” as well as an electrical force field around his body, but only as long as his fists are clenched. The man decides to fight crime as the Firebrand. In his lone appearance he fights a gang who are stealing tanks, trucks, and guns in order to arm themselves “like a well formed army.”

First Appearance: Yankee Comics #1 (Chesler/Dynamic), Sept 1941. 1 appearance. Created by Charles Sultan and ?









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