Fighting Yank (I). Bruce Carter III discovers that he is an exact double of his ancestor, Bruce Carter I, a Revolutionary War hero. Better still, the ghost of Bruce Carter I appears to Bruce III and tells him that he must carry on the tradition of fighting for liberty. Bruce I  tells Bruce III where he can find an ancient cloak which will help this fight. III does, then makes a costume and becomes the German- and crime-busting Fighting Yank. He is helped by his girlfriend Joan, and is often spoken to and occasionally rescued by the ghost of Bruce I. Bruce III is good in a fight and wears his cloak, which gives him super-strength and invulnerability. The Fighting Yank battles ordinary criminals and Germans, the Nazi Dr. Fantom, who uses “medieval witchcraft to summon up werewolves to serve him,” the Mad Scientist Dr. Mavelli, whose blowgun-wielding troops bring madness to those they target, and the supervillain Nitro-Man, who has five gallons of nitroglycerin in his veins and causes explosions with his punches. The Fighting Yank appears in stories with titles like “The Faceless Legion,” “The Adder Strikes,” and “When Strikes the Scorpion.”

First Appearance: Startling Comics #10 (Standard), Sept 1941. 158 appearances, 1941-1949. Created by Richard Hughes and Jon Blummer.



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