Fiery Mask. Jack Castle, a young doctor, is called in by the police to help investigate a case involving a kind of zombie. He gets captured by another zombie and is brought to the zombie's master, an enormous (20' tall) Mad Scientist, who is using a special ray to make people into "living corpses." The ray doesn't work on Jack (because he knows hypnosis and refuses to submit to the ray), and when the doctor increases the ray's power the ray is destroyed, irradiating Jack Castle and giving him various powers. He then puts on a fiery mask and costume and fights evil, including the Zombie Master and at one point, the "Legion of Doom" in Hell itself. The Fiery Mask has super-strength, superbreath, can do Hulk-jumps, his body gives off intense heat (ala the Human Torch), he can erect a heat forcefield, and he can "transmit (his) protective powers via (his) touch," granting his forcefield to someone else. He appears in stories with titles like “The Fantastic Thriller of the Walking Corpses” and “The Jelly of Doom.”

First Appearance: Daring Mystery Comics #1 (Marvel), Jan 1940. 4 appearances, 1940. Created by Joe Simon.


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