Fantom of the Fair. This unnamed hero operates from underneath the 1939 New York World's Fair in an underground lab connected to an underground river. He guards the Fair and fights those criminals and racketeers who threaten it, and when the Fair closes operates across New York City. His origin is never defined, although his coming was foretold in a thousand-year-old Icelandic book.  Like his origin, his powers are undefined, although he has at the least limited super-strength, limited super-speed, and super-mesmerism. He uses the “crime-tracking televisor” to locate his prey. His enemies are usually ordinary crooks and gangsters, but occasionally he takes on more fantastic foes, like the Mad Scientist and alchemist Dr. Loy. He is very hard-boiled and quite willing to torture enemies to get what he wants.

First Appearance: Amazing Mystery Funnies v2n7 (Centaur), July 1939. 25 appearances, 1939-1940. Created by Paul Gustavson. Note: in his final appearances he is known as “Fantoman.”








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