Fantomah. Fantomah is the incarnation of an Egyptian princess, incarnated in the present era to protect the jungle and to fight for good. A Jungle Hero, Fantomah also has an array of plot-device magical powers that she can call upon as the story requires. She fights against ivory hunters, an array of Mad Scientists and their super-gorillas, artificial amoeboid life forms, and alien dinosaurs, a man turned into a jungle demon, the Tiger-Woman of Wildmoon Mountain, cavemen, a mummy scientist, and German fifth columnists, among others. Fantomah appears in stories with titles like “Phantom of the Tree-Tops,” “The Scarlet Shadow,” and “The Revenge of Zomax.”

First Appearance: Jungle Comics #2 (Fiction House), Feb 1940. 51 appearances, 1940-1952. Created by Fletcher Hanks.










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