Face. Tony Trent, a radio announcer, is disgusted by the constant news of crime that he has to announce. So he decides to fight it himself. He hires a man to make a horrifying face mask for him, and uses it to terrify criminals--their fear gives him a momentary advantage over them. The mask can be folded up and tucked into a vest pocket. He has no superpowers, but he has and uses guns when necessary. He is assisted by his secretary Babs, who knows about Trent’s other identity. The Face fights ordinary criminals, gold-makers, The Hook, and even the Japanese when the Face frees the Flying Tigers from a Japanese ship. In 1945, after the war ends, Trent becomes a hard-boiled private detective, with the Face appearing only rarely. The Face appears in stories with titles like "The Murder of Sir Bertram," "The Millionaire Killer," and “The Face, Master of Evil.”

First Appearance: Big Shot Comics #1 (Columbia), May 1940. 64 appearances, 1940-1949. Created by Mart Bailey and ?







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