Ermine. The Ermine is a “mysterious Indian scout” who rescues settlers from hostile natives and obsessively kills those natives–he is what is known in academic frontier studies as the “Indian Killer.” His mother’s fiancé was killed by Indians, and lived alone in the forest. She found an Indian taking a white baby, and killed the Indian and raised the baby as her own. He was a child of the forest, but as an adult, on hearing his mother’s story, he decided to search for his real parents, and decided to take on the alternate identity of the “Ermine,” whose suit is completely made of Ermine furs. On the bodies of those he kills he leaves an ermine tail as his mark. The Indians fear him greatly because of this. His childhood among the animals of the forest left him with the ability to speak to them and have them understand and obey him.

First Appearance: Star Ranger Funnies #15 (Centaur), Oct 1938. 4 appearances, 1938-1940. Created by Martin Filchock. 







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