Monsieur L'Epee. During the reign of Henry IV of France Andre, the Comte de Dijon, is the leader of the Royal Guard. He is a foppish man not much respected by the public and the nobles, who see him as a “pompous nincompoop.” The Comte is, however, trusted by the King, and when special missions need carrying out Andre becomes the masked Monsieur L’Epee, a demon swordsman and a man capable of strangling a traitress to get the information he needs. In his sole appearance Monsieur L’Epee deals with a conspiracy against the throne by planting false papers and then provoking a duel with the head conspirator.

First Appearance: Hi-Lite Comics #1 (E.R. Ross), Fall 1945. 1 appearance. Created by Bob Lubbers and ?







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