Electro (I). Professor Philo Zog creates a robot, Electro, with which he hopes to work for the good of mankind. Zog then recruits 12 men who he plans to use as operatives to banish evil and crime. He tells them to use Electro if and when they need him, by summoning him with a tiny wireless phone. Electro's adventures eventually became somewhat fantastic, with Electro venturing to other planets and helping its inhabitants fight against evil aliens. Electro has super-strength, can run over 100 miles per hour, and perform Hulk-leaps, and is invulnerable to bullets and cannon-fire. Professor Zog is a wealthy man, helped by his valet, Mr. Burke, his secretary Wilkins, and his group of operatives, including Operative #3, Dick Gardner. On occasion Prof. Zog projected his own face onto Electro's head. Electro appears in stories with titles like “The Voice’s Dope Racket,” “The Crook Who Controlled Electro,” and “On the Planet Ligga.”

First Appearance: Marvel Mystery Comics #4 (Marvel), Feb 1940. 16 appearances, 1940-1941. Created by Steve Dahlman and ?








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