Dynamic Man (II). "Great researcher and authority on ancient black magic" Dr. Moore reads about "the ancient curse of the witches," which is making modern scientists disappear. Moore vows to combat this evil, and invents a machine which will create a life form with "the power of steel, the speed of an eagle and the wisdom of the sages." This being is Dynamic Man (II), a take-no-prisoners killer hero in a series of exceptionally violent stories. Later, Dynamic Man is given a civilian identity (Bert McQuade, high school basketball coach) and a sidekick (brother Ricky McQuade, aka Dynamic Boy (II)). Dynamic Man (II) fights the Yellow Spot, a magic-wielding warlock; the malicious carriers of the skin-warping Red Plague; Peabody Simms, the Sleep King; and the Mad Master of the Doomsday Express. He appears in stories with titles like “The Mystery of the Inlaid Box” and “The Tangerine Terror.”

First Appearance: Dynamic Comics #1 (Chesler/Dynamic), Oct 1941. 16 appearances, 1941-1946. Created by ? Note: Dynamic Man (II)’s origin story has a slam at Batman’s origin story and has Dynamic Man (II) crying “Death to the Dealers of Death,” the catchphrase of the pulp killer vigilante The Spider.







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