Dusty. Dusty is an orphan whose father, an airplane factory manager, was killed during one of the Shield's cases. The Shield adopts Dusty, and Dusty becomes his sidekick. He is a good fighter but lacks the Shield's superpowers. Dusty is also a member of the Boy Buddies. Dusty fights such villains as the Nazi agent the Vulture, the Nazi agent the Strangler, and the Nazis agents the Hun and the son of the Hun. Dusty appears in stories with titles like “The Mosconian Menace,” “Lou Zepke’s Murder Syndicate,” and “The Deadly Plot of Dr. Wang.”

First Appearance: Pep Comics #11 (Archie), Jan 1941. 100+ appearances, 1941-1948. Created by Harry Shorten and Irv Novick.










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