Durango Kid. Steve Brand got his start fighting in the Union army, where his brother was murdered by a Confederate spy. After the war, Steve and his sidekick Muley Pike catch up with the killer in Durango, Colorado where Steve wears a black outfit and a kerchief mask to "strike fear into the heart of his brother's murderer." Surviving a shootout with the killer, Steve decides to continue crime-fighting. The criminals he fights are standard cowboy vigilante opponents: female shootists, stage robbers, native Americans, sand-pirates, and the occasional name bad guy like the Crusher and Six-Gun Harry. The Durango Kid appears in stories with titles like “The Red Scorpion,” “The Phantom Badhat,” and “Smart Hombres Die Dumb.”

First Appearance: Charles Starrett as the Durango Kid #1 (Magazine Enterprises) #1, Oct 1949. 100+ appearances, 1949-1955. Created by Gardner Fox and Joe Certa.








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