Duke of Broadway. “Broadway...street of dreams. The Big street. Where a million lights spell a million tales of gay adenture, gallant deeds and broken hearts! Here pass the heroes...the villains and the fools of a thousand and one modern Arabian nights. And here reigns supreme a modern Galahad...in a suit slightly short of zoot! His thrown is a park bench, his crown a battered fedora...but to his subjects, the Shoe Shine Boy, Apple Annie...the Hat Check Girl...the little people on the main street of the world...he is King! He is ‘His Highness...the Duke of Broadway!”

First Appearance: Boy Explorers Comics #1 (Harvey), May-June 1946. 5 appearances, 1946-1947. Created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Note: There are few, most likely coincidental resemblances between the Duke of Broadway and John Lawrence’s pulp character the Marquis of Broadway.










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