Murdoch, Drew. “Weird, fantastic, yet undeniably true, are the strange cases of ghost lore unearthed by Drew Murdoch. His professional services are sought whenever spirits of the dead emerge from troubled graves to haunt the living. For Murdoch knows the method and madness of ghosts...and the evil that ofttimes follows in their footsteps.” Working from the Triborough Building in New York, Murdoch, a hard-boiled occult detective, takes on cases which involve ghosts and the undead, or which simply appear to–many of Murdoch’s stories involve both a Scooby Doo ending and a real ghost. Murdoch has a good relationship with the police, who respect his knowledge and abilities. Murdoch has no superpowers or occult/mystical equipment, but he doesn’t need to; uncovering and catching human criminals is usually enough to lay a ghost to rest for good. Many other times Murdoch is only a witness to the ghosts or other oogyboogies securing justice for themselves. Some of the creatures and crimes Murdoch encounters are ghosts, werewolves, zombies (and a female houngan), a phantom showboat, haunted houses, a music box cursed by Hindu magic, a haunted lighthouse, murdered moonshiners, a haunted merry-go-round, the eyeglasses of Azrael (the angel of death), a haunted doll, Asmodeus (the limping demon), and so on.

First Appearance: Jumbo Comics #42 (Fiction House), Aug 1942. 134 appearances, 1942-1953. Created by Ruth Roche and ?


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