Winslow, Don. Don Winslow, a WW1 veteran, is an agent of naval intelligence who is assigned to handle the major individual threats to world peace. He is assisted in this task by his friend, the squat and portly Lieutenant Red Pennington, and Winslow's girlfriend, Mercedes Colby, the daughter of Winslow's commanding officer, Admiral Colby. Ranging across the world, and making use of real locations and naval bases, Winslow takes on: the Scorpion, Winslow's bald, cigar-smoking nemesis, the head of the secret organization, Scorpia, which tries to take over the world; the "sinister fakir" the Spider; the Hawk, a magician and warlord; the Crocodile, who has  a floating Sky City island and a grudge against America; the Mad Scientist (and inventor of the "paralysis ray...the weirdest weapon in the world") Dr. Centaur; Dr. Q, who tries to destroy the Panama Canal; and the criminal mastermind the Dwarf, and his main agents and assassins, the Duchess and Dr. Thor.

First Appearance: Popular Comics #1 (Dell), Feb 1936. 100+ appearances, 1936 1949+. Created by Lt. Commander Frank Martinek. Note: This is the comic book version of Martinek’s newspaper comic strip character.









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