Don Ramon. “In the late 19th century the entire civilized world thrilled to the tales of Old Mexico–lost gold mines–fabulously rich cattle kingdoms–lowly Indian peons bedecked in costly gold and silver ornaments...these stories of unheard of wealth acted like a magnet and drew every type of miscreant from the four corners of the Earth! Soon banditry ruled Mexico. Nothing was safe. Finally in desperation the Dons (land barons) formed their own police, the famous ‘Rurales.’ This is the story of Don Ramon, whose nickname ‘the Singing Lash’ struck terror to the hearts of all evil doers!” As his nickname indicates, Don Ramon is particularly skilled with his whip.

First Appearance: O.K. Comics #1 (Worth Carnahan), July 1940. 1 appearance. Created by Charles M. Quinlan.


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