Granval, Don. "Don Granval has invented an atomoscope with which he can study the planets of atomic universes, like a huge god." He "discovers life in a universe with the atomic constuction of a block of Uranium." Naturally, when one of the tiny planets is threatened by a "fierce monster," Granval gets involved and shrinks himself, his crew of "atomic explorers," and his spaceship down to atomic size and helps out the small planet and its people and queen. Unfortunately, scientific wackiness occurs, and Granval, the queen, and the monsters are accidentally enlarged. But Granval uses his atomic blast gun on the monsters and "sends them back to atomic oblivion." Later stories repeat the threat of other universes and their creatures. Granval appears in stories with titles like “The Menace of the Magno-Universe," "The War of the Electronic Universe," and "Death from the Deep."

First Appearance: Planet Comics #6 (Fiction House), June 1940. 6 appearances, 1940-1941. Created by Nick Cardy and ?









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