Domino. Don Tracy is the victim of a drive-by attack meant to kill the Green Mask (I). To save Tracy’s life, the Green Mask exposes him to the same vita-ray which gave the Mask his powers. The ray gives Tracy similar powers, and he costumes himself and helps the Green Mask. Domino’s trademark is the boomerang, with which he is skilled. Domino fights Yellow Peril Tong lords, hooded master criminals, counterfeiters, crime syndicates, mummies, and hunchbacked Mad Scientists. The Green Mask (I) appears in stories with titles like “Nicoli, Scientist of Crime,” “The Devil and His Human Kill Dolls,” and “The Butcher’s Maniacal Murders.”

First Appearance: Green Mask #1 (Fox), Summer 1940. 27+ appearances, 1940-1942. Created by Walter Frehm and ?







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