Doll Man. Darrell Dane is a chemist who discovers a liquid that can shrink a human being to only six inches tall. His girlfriend, Martha Roberts, the daughter of Darrell's colleague Dr. Roberts, is threatened by gangsters, and Darrell takes the formula and uses his height to defeat the criminals. He is assisted by Doll Girl, and rides, at various points, a bald eagle, a Dollplane model airplane, and Elmo, a German Shepherd. Doll Man has the ability to shrink to six inches tall but still have the strength of a full-grown man. He can return to his normal size whenever he wants. His enemies include German spies, the native American Wampum [sic], the Toymaker, the Phantom Duelist, the Vulture, the Druid, the unlucky Dr. Thirteen, and the Black Gondolier. Doll Man appears in stories with titles like “The School of Crime,” “The Fifth Idol,” and “Red Light of Doom.”

First Appearance: Feature Comics #27 (Quality), Dec 1939. 100+ appearances, 1939-1953. Created by Jerry Iger, Will Eisner, and ?





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