Doll Girl. Martha Roberts is under ordinary circumstances the girlfriend of Darrell Dane, a.k.a. Doll Man. But one day, after training herself to increase her willpower, Dane is in trouble, and Martha wills herself into shrinking to Doll Man’s size. She gains the same powers as Doll Man and becomes his sidekick, fighting criminals like the Skull, the Druids, the vampiric Count de Grasso, and the houngan Dr. Voodoo. Doll Girl appears in stories with titles like “The Death Drug,” “The Bleeding Statue,” and “The Sinister Safari.”

First Appearance: As Martha Roberts, Feature Comics #27 (Quality), Dec 1939. As Doll Girl, Doll Man #37 (Quality), Dec 1951. 100+ appearances, 1940-1953. Created by Jerry Iger, Will Eisner and ?










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