Doctor X. Dr. X is the "master of the mysteries of occult science." In his “remote Andes observatory he conducts experiments like hypnotizing his niece Cynthia and projecting her astral body into "planetary space." (Despite how it sounds, Dr. X is the hero of the piece). Using his "televisor screen," he follows her to the planet Inus, and when she is threatened by an Inusian dinosaur X sends Cynthia’s fiancé, Bob Stone, to Inus to help her. After she returns, the world is threatened by tidal waves, so X sends Bob and Cynthia to the moon to investigate. They discover lunar monsters and moon-men who intend to invade Earth. Dr. X sends a powerful explosive to the moon, destroying the moon-men.

First Appearance: Startling Comics #1 (Standard), June 1940. 2 appearances, 1940. Created by ?








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