Doctor Styx. “Many are the tales of terror told of that legendary figure...Dr. Styx!!! But sometimes only a strange being like this weird figure stands between us and...the Others.” Doctor Styx is a Phantom Stranger-like occult detective who has vast knowledge of magic and the occult, and a limited array of powers (including speaking with the dead and “cabalistic gestures”) and uses them to fight (literally) Lovecraftian and supernatural horrors. Occasionally he is merely an observer of rites gone wrong and steps in at the last moment to fix matters. He appears in stories with titles like “The Playful Poltergeists,” “Suicidal Seance,” and “The Dissected Soul.”

First Appearance: Treasure Comics #2 (Prize), Aug-Sept 1945. 6 appearances, 1945-1946. Created by ?









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