Doctor Occult. During the Golden Age this nameless private eye was also Dr. Mystic as well as being a costumed agent of the mystic Seven. And then he was a ghost. He is assisted by his girlfriend Rose and his butler Jenkins. He has a number of mystic powers, including teleportation, invisibility, hypnosis, telekinesis, and the ability to cast illusions. He also has the spell-breaking and spell-casting amulet, the Symbol of the Seven. He combats vampires, a Mad Scientist zombie master, and the alien sorcerer Koth. Doctor Occult appears in stories with titles like "The Werewolf," "The Lord of Life," and "The HD Murders."

First Appearance: New Fun #6 (DC), Oct 1935. 17 appearances, 1935-1938. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.










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