Neff, Doctor. “Introducing...Doctor Bill Neff, magician and ghost-breaker, who has traveled from coast to coast with his famous ‘madhouse of mystery’...there is actually a Doctor Neff who performs his marvels on watch for him to come your way.” He is an expert on haunted houses who broke into show business alongside Jimmy Stewart. Neff went on to create a haunted house on stage that “captured the imagination of audiences everywhere with a mammoth display of ghosts, zombies and black magic!” Neff is a ghost-breaker, but his cases also involve things like men who use poison to turn its victims into zombies courtesy of “zombie fever.” Neff appears in stories with titles like “Doctor Neff Chases the Jinx From Hoodoo City,” “Dr. Neff Confronts the Hang-Kow Demons,” and “The Chateau of Shadows.”

First Appearance: Red Dragon Comics #3 (Street and Smith), May 1948. 7 appearances, 1948. Created by Robert Powell and ?









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