Mortal, Dr. Dr. Mortal is an elderly, brilliant scientist who lives "outside the city" with his beautiful young niece, Marlene. Much to everyone's regret Marlene discovers that Dr. Mortal is a classic Dr. Moreau-like Mad Scientist who's been breeding monsters for bad ends. Mortal is opposed by his niece and her beau, Gary Brent, but every time they think they’ve killed him, he escapes to create more monsters: lion-men, super-robots, men-apes, an infra-red monster, a claw-dwarf, and a cosmic wave monster, among others. Dr. Mortal is faithfully assisted by the  hunchbacked Salvo. Mortal appears in stories with titles like “Banquet of Monsters,” “The Mind Transfer Racket,” and “The Permo-Mutator Machine.”

First Appearance: Weird Comics #1 (Fox), Apr 1940. 17 appearances, 1940-1941. Created by Bert Whitman.



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