Doctor Miracle. “Somewhere in Nepal, protected from intrusion by the high and forbidding Caucasus, the great super-scientist and master magician, Dr. Miracle, attended only by his giant Nepalese servant, Akim, perfects a series of instruments designed to fight evil and crime on the Earth.” These instruments include a “thought detector,” a “stratosphere plane,” and a “geno-force wall.” Between those and his magical ability, which is as powerful as the plot requires it to be (including conjuring up “Herlock Sholmes” to help solve a mystery), Dr. Miracle is quite formidable in fighting saboteurs, would-be nation-conquerors, crooks who come back from the dead, Pharaonic sorcerers, zombies, and so on. Dr. Miracle appears in stories with titles like “Battle in Jerusalem,” “Mahata’s Zombies,” and “The Sorcery of Ahman-Ka.”

First Appearance: Champion Comics #9 (Worth Carnahan), July 1940. 15 appearances, 1940-1942. Created by Louis Cazeneuve.










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