Doctor Frost. A ship is wrecked off the coast of northern Alaska. The only survivor is a white baby, who is left on an iceberg. He is found by Inuit fisherman, who take him to Professor Carlson, who has been living among the Inuit for many years. “Professor Carlson has learned the strange freezing powers of the Eskimo tribe and he teaches them to the white child.” As a young man the child follows Carson’s teachings and uses his powers to fight crime in New York. He has the ability to fire beams of cold from his hands, and can envelop himself in a sheath of ice so thick that it can withstand strong explosions. He fights the subterranean species led by Vulcan (“this Vulcan is a monster who comes from the core of the Earth. He fights with scalding steam and he is out to destroy civilization”), the crime-lord the Leader, the gangster Scarponi, and Professor Gunther and his gang of invisible criminals. Doctor Frost appears in stories with titles like “The Black Smoke Robberies,” “Ride a Deadly Torpedo,” and “The Curse of the Banji Image.”

First Appearance: Prize Comics #7 (Prize), Dec 1940. 27 appearances, 1940-1943. Created by Richard Steele and Ben Thompson.






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