Doctor Fate. “Who is Doctor Fate? Student of ancient mysteries that were partially destroyed when Caesar burned Alexandria’s library, delver into the unknown science of the occult and the weird, alchemist and physicist extraordinary–Doctor Fate has learned the ultimate secret of the universe–the true conversion of energy into matter, and matter into energy!” As a child Kent Nelson is exploring a pyramid in Egypt with his archaeologist father when his father is killed. Nelson is adopted by the alien sorcerer Nabu and taught everything he knows. As an adult Nelson becomes the the magic-wielding Dr. Fate. He lives in a doorless, windowless brick tower in Salem, Massachusetts with his wife Inza. He is a member of the Justice Society of America. He is a powerful sorcerer and combatant whose enemies range from ordinary Nazis to enemy sorcerers (Wotan, Mango the Mighty) to super-humans (Mr. Who, who gains his super-powers from Solution Z, and the super-strong Octopus) to ordinary humans who make robots (Raymond Rall) or living paintings (Loo Tung) to unhuman beings (the demon Black Nergal, the Fishmen of Nyarl-Amen). Doctor Fate appears in stories with titles like “Theft of the Book of Thoth,” “The Two Fates,” and “The Fire Murders.”

First Appearance: More Fun Comics #55 (DC), May 1940. 83 appearances, 1940-1944. Created by Gardner F. Fox and Howard Sherman.







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