Doctor Doom (II). “In a laboratory miles from civilization the mad Dr. Doom works fiendishly day and night on his evil experiments.” The results include a lethal mist which is intended to change Earth’s atmosphere to match that of Venus, so the hostile, telepathic, ray gun-wielding Venusians can conquer the world. Ultimately Doom is stopped by a brother-and-sister pair, Jan and Wanda. Typical dialogue for the good doctor: “He, he, he! Back to a world that will soon be without human life, there to spend your days wandering alone, you have been inoculated against the mist but your offspring would die a miserable death, so don’t have any, stay alone, alone!” Dr. Doom appears in stories with titles like “Battle of the Insects,” “The Atomic Ray,” and “The Plot to Slow Down Earth.”

First Appearance: Science Comics #1 (Fox), Feb 1940. 10 appearances, 1940-1941. Created by ?


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