Strange, Doc. Dr. Hugo Strange is a classic adventuring scientist. When confronted with a mysterious crime and supernatural criminals, he doses himself with “Alosun,” “a distillate of sun-atoms.” "For many years Doc has prepared for the great day when he can gain super-human strength and use it to defeat crime." Alosun gives Strange super-strength, limited invulnerability, superhumanly rapid healing, and the ability to perform Hulk leaps. Strange confronts villains like the Faceless Phantom (and his “delta ray gun”), the Yellow Peril Emperor (and his flame apes), a Lost City of the Aztecs, and the black magic-empowered Mephisto. He is assisted by Mike Ellis, who is too young to drink Alosun but who fights crime anyhow. Strange appears in stories with titles like "Mystery of the Branded Men," "Baron Krasna Strikes," and "The Human Bombs."

First Appearance: Thrilling Comics #1 (Standard), Feb 1940. 92 appearances, 1940-1948. Created by Alexander Kostuk and Richard Hughes.








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