Savage, Doc. “Doc Savage, marvel of nerve, strength and science, carries on his warfare against forces who try to rule through fear and violence.”  Clark Savage was raised by his widower father to be the perfect human and was taught by a series of experts in every field ranging from "Indian fakirs to Yale physicists, from circus acrobats to jungle trackers." He was especially trained in surgery, and became the world's best surgeon (hence his nickname of “Doc”). His headquarters and home is his Fortress of Solitude, a super-fortress located on a desolate island in the far north, beyond the Arctic Circle. He is assisted in his war on crime by six assistants, most notably the ape-like Monk Mayfair. Later in his adventures, in Tibet, he gains a magic ruby: “Thanks be on high, you are the chosen one. The Sacred Ruby will overcome all evil. Do but call upon it, and it will send forth a tiny beam of ruby light. Against this sacred light no power on Earth can prevail. Henceforth you shall be known as The Invincible.” Among other powers the ruby can deflect bullets and hypnotize the unwilling. Doc Savage appears in stories with titles like “The Land of Terror,” “The Living Dead,” and “The Beggar King of Hate.”

First Appearance: Shadow Comics #1 (Street and Smith), 1940. 90 appearances, 1940-1949. Created by ? Note: This is the comic book version of Lester Dent’s pulp character.






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