Dean, Dickie. “Dickie Dean is a lad of exception ability–a mental wizard to say the least! During his fourteen years of life he has accumulated an amazing amount of scientific knowledge which he uses to full advantage in the creation of his many useful inventions,” which include the Sky Bug, a primitive-looking flying crate, an invisibility potion, an antigravity ray, and a time camera, among others. Based in New Castle, Pennsylvania, Dean is assisted by his doughboy friend Zip Todd and assists Daredevil on at least one occasion. Dean fights ordinary criminals and villainous inventors like Professor Skinn and Professor Blackthorne. Dean appears in stories with titles like “The Robot Robberies,” “The Rubberized Metal Ray,” and “Cyrus, the Madman’s Son.”

First Appearance: Silver Streak Comics #3 (Lev Gleason), Mar 1940. 51 appearances, 1940-1947. Created by Jack Cole.



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