Diana the Huntress. "Mount Olympus-the Hall of the Gods...and these great Greeks decide to come to the aid of the Allies!" Hercules is dispatched to aid the Allies as he sees fit. Discordia is sent to spread discord between Japan and Germany. And for Diana, Zeus says: "I have a special mission! Go below to your native Greece! And help the weary and the down-trodden!" “Help,” for Diana, qualifies as shooting lots of Germans with her bow and golden arrow. She also recovers stolen icons, feeding the poor, fighting Gordius the Titan (who is in possession of Pandora’s Box), and helping the Greek gods win the 1944 Olympics. She appears in stories with titles like “We Are Super-Men,” “Brotherly Love,” and “The Moonstruck Madmen.”

First Appearance: Yellowjacket Comics #1 (Charlton), Sept 1944. 10 appearances, 1944-1946. Created by ? and Burton Geller. 









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