Diamond Jack. “Diamond Jack, in possession of a miraculous diamond given him by an old magician, becomes physically strong and mentally beyond all ordinary mortals, as instructed by the aged magician, Diamond Jack uses the wizardry of the magic gem to aid the worthy.” The black diamond (once the eye of the evil god Khor), allows Jack Lansing to create constructs from nothing, similar to the Green Lantern and his ring. Lansing is limited only by his imagination and the constructs disappear if Lansing is knocked out. In his early adventures he is a wizard and can casts spells by shouting magic words. Lansing fights ordinary criminals, witches, the Green Devil (Master of the Living Dead), vampires, the servants of Khor (and Khor itself), and a green dragon, among others. Diamond Jack appears in stories with titles like “The Sky Demon,” “The Challenge of Count Shano,” and “Terror Valley.”

First Appearance: Slam-Bang Comics #1 (Fawcett), Mar 1940. 8 appearances, 1940. Created by Gus Ricca and ?  


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