Diablo. Diablo is a big grizzly--"mightiest of the grizzlies!"--and in his adventures displays what might be a form of sentience. One story ends with "Diablo knows better than to interfere with a mother horse again!" and another with the statement in the caption in the image on this page. Too, Diablo is even somewhat benign (for a grizzly), saving a cowpoke in one adventure and helping weaker animals against other predators in other stories. He lives on "Renegade's Peak...in the heart of a savagely beautiful range of hills in the wildest part of the American Rockies," a place where "the fight for survival is more intense...than anywhere else." Diablo's arch-enemies are Man and Slasher, the puma.

First Appearance: Blaze the Wonder Collie #2 (Marvel), Oct 1949. 5 appearances, 1949. Created by ?









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