Devil's Dagger. “The city of Carterville is dominated by two mysterious figures...Jeff Marlowe, sinister lord of the underworld, and the Devil’s Dagger, the underworld’s hated enemy and the city’s best friend–though no one in Carterville knows his identity.” The Devil’s Dagger is actually Ken Wyman, “scion of Carterville’s wealthiest family” and a reporter for the Carterville Daily Blade, whose editor has sworn to uncover both Marlowe and the Devil's Dagger. The Devil’s Dagger has no superpowers, but has guns, his trademark crimson stilettoes, a chauffeur who is a former prize fighter, and the Speed Ghost, “a high-powered car quipped with special bullet-proof windows through which the occupants can’t be seen.” In addition to Marlowe, the Devil’s Dagger fights against the mysterious crime lord Mr. H, Yellow Peril opium lords, saboteurs, and Mad Scientists wielding paralysis gas. The Devil’s Dagger appears in stories with titles like “Mr. H and the Dope Ring,” “Opium and Arson,” and “The Death House Jailbreak.”

First Appearance: Master Comics #1 (Fawcett), Mar 1940. 20 appearances, 1940-1941. Created by Ken Battefield and ?









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