Detecto the Bloodhound. “If you have a mystery which needs a solution, don’t consult the ‘Crime Boosters.’ Sherlock Sniff better known as Detecto and his stooge Billy Longneck, wouldn’t know a clue if they sat on it and the only thing they ever solved was the sugar they put in their coffee.” Nonetheless, Detecto is famous and animals do consult with them, viz. the farmer whose cow is mysteriously lacking in milk. (A snake is taking it all). Somehow, Detecto and Billy, the giraffe, do solve crimes, even if they miss the obvious clues. Detecto appears in stories with titles like "The Case of the Missing Mummies" and "The Case of the Disappearing Football."

First Appearance. Zoo Funnies #1 (Charlton), Nov 1945. 7 appearances, 1945-1947. Created by Herman C. Browner and ?










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