Destiny. Destiny is a nameless, down-on-his-luck schmoe who happens to be “gifted with the occult power of foreseeing death, trouble and disaster that has already happened and that which will happen.” A clairvoyant fortune teller adds that “by an act of fate, you are able to rule the future–the destiny of others–Destiny? My boy–You Are Destiny!” Initially dubious, Destiny has a vision and solves the murder of 711, then receives the blessing of 711's ghost and goes on to fight other criminals: Frank N. Stein, the Headless Man; the apaches of Paris; the Werewolf of Warsaw; and a man cursed by a witch with the Curse of Cain. Destiny appears in stories with titles like “The Trance-Call Fails,” “The Picture Murders,” and “Baby Face.”

First Appearance: Police Comics #15 (Quality), Jan 1943. 22 appearances, 1943-1944. Created by George Brenner.










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