Defender (II). “Out of the wars and strifes rampant throughout the civilized world; out of the crimes and horror which follow in their deadly wake-a new champion joins the fight for the sacred cause of democracy! Strong, fearless and just–the Defender stands as a warning that so long as there is injustice and evil–so long will there be a Defender to battle them!” Don Stevens, Marine, changes into the Defender when a threat to liberty presents itself, and with his boy sidekick Rusty (II) fights the enemies of the United States. He has no powers. His Lois Lane is Sally Kean, who always gets in trouble trying to prove herself to the Defender. Among the enemies they fight is “the hideous Dame Kackle, deadliest agent of the dreaded Nazi Gestapo!”

First Appearance: USA Comics #1 (Marvel), Aug 1941. 5 appearances, 1941-1942. Created by Al Avison, Charles Nicholas and ?






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