Dawson, Deep-Sea (II). Deep-Sea Dawson (II) is either a government employee or a freelance diver–it seems to vary based on the story. But either way he is often involved in deep sea cases which involve the government in some way. In one, a rash of unexplained sinkings is investigated by Dawson, who discovers an undersea race of seaweed creatures, led by a queen, who plan to conquer the surface world. Dawson contentedly commits genocide against them and blithely returns to the surface. In another story, he investigates a gang of murderers who dispose of the bodies underwater. Dawson is assisted by his trained seal Battler, who is as intelligent as a human, communicates with Dawson (“Arf! Arf! (Dawson has been down too long to suit me!)”), and attacks criminals with his teeth.

First Appearance: Captain Flight Comics #5 (Four Star Publications), Dec. 1944. 3 appearances, 1944-1945. Created by ? Note: Deep-Sea Dawson is a reskinning of Kinks Mason.




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