Death Patrol. Del van Dyne is a millionaire playboy and fighter pilot. Butch O'Keefe ("expoit safe cracker"), Gramps ("best 'dip' in the biz!"), Hank ("cattle-rustling's my trade"), and Slick Ward ("ex con man") are escaped criminals. The convicts steal aboard Del's plane and try to hijack it, but he's already bound for England, and persuades them to join him, as in England they won't be wanted men and can do some good. In England they help steal German plans and becomes the Axis-fighting Death Patrol. They appear in stories with titles like “Calling on Hirohito,” “Mamie the Mermaid,” and “The Five Bat Boys.”

First Appearance: Military Comics #1 (Quality), Aug 1941. 45 appearances, 1941-1946. Created by Jack Cole. 

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