Denton, Dean. Dean Denton is a "scientific adventurer" and a "scientific detective." "Dean, retiring from his career as radio's highest paid ventriloquist, has devoted himself to helping humanity through science." He is two-fisted and brilliant. He is assisted by Carol Kane and his African-American stereotype valet Absalom. Their adventures are often on the fantastic side, especially when the Conqueror, a would-be world-conqueror with radium-powered zeppelins, is involved. Mad Scientists and Lost Cities of the Aztecs occasionally also appear. Dean Denton appears in stories with titles like "Case of the Miraculous Mirror," "The Pyramid of Death," and "The Ruse of the Remarkable Ray."

First Appearance: Keen Detective Funnies #11 (Centaur), Dec. 1938. 21 appearances, 1938-1940. Created by Harry Francis Campbell.









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