Dean, Dave. Dave Dean, "the Deep Sea Demon," is an "intrepid adventurer." He's very much in the classic comic book adventurer tradition: two-fisted, unafraid of superstitions or bad guys, and not vulnerable to the lures of dames. His only real interest seems to be in profit, although he's by no means amoral. He's altruistic, but he wants to make some money. He's very strong, recovering quickly from the bends. His arch-enemy is Wing Po, a Yellow Peril who hails him as "my illustrious rival" but who wants to get the sunken loot before Dean does. Dean is a very good diver and a good fighter. He appears in stories with titles like "Devil of the Deep," "Lord of the Bengal Sea," and "The Deep Sea Demon."

First Appearance: Funny Pages v2n1 (Ultem), Sept 1937. 6 appearances, 1937-1940. Created by Norman Daniels and Fred Guardineer. Note: Dave Dean appeared in Ultem and Centaur comics, and after Centaur’s dissolution appeared in one Marvel comic.




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