Dart. Caius Martius is a gladiator in Ancient Rome and “the terror of Roman racketeers.” The gods give him the power to flight so that he might fight for the rights of the average citizen. Unfortunately, one day he takes on a sorcerer who traps him in a block of stone. 2200 years later he emerges from the stone to find himself a museum piece. He takes a new last name, "Wheeler," and begins fighting crime in modern society, which is just as corrupt as Rome. The Dart can fly and uses his gladiator's sword on the bad guys. The criminals he fights are ordinary. He is partnered with Ace Barlow, the Amazing Boy, who has the same costume and power. He appears in stories with titles like "The Motor Company Mobsters," "The Secret Nine," and "Hans Stump's Spy Ring."

First Appearance: Weird Comics #5 (Fox), Aug 1940. 16 appearances, 1940-1942. Created by Louis Cazeneuve and ?







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