Hastings, Dan. In the far future Dan Hastings is a Lieutenant with the International Earth Squadron, acting as the personal rocket navigator for Dr. Carter, whose daughter Gloria Hastings is in love with. In Flash Gordon-like adventures, Hastings fights against the invading Mexadians on the Earth and in space. The Mexadians are led by the Ming the Merciless-like Galada Eutopas. Hastings also fights the Martian bandit Rad Omeron and a giant-insect-creating Mad Scientist named Dr. Strange, as well as the frogmen of Venus. Dan Hastings appears in stories with titles like "The Demons of Mexady," "The Platinum Asteroid, and "King of Zaco."

First Appearance: Star Comics #1 (Chesler/Dynamic), Feb 1937. 27 appearances, 1937-1947. Created by Clem Gretter and Ken Fitch? Note: Dan Hastings appeared in comics by Chesler/Dynamic, Ultem, Centaur and Archie, but was the same character in each strip.


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