Dandy. Dandy is the younger brother of Yankee Doodle Jones. Just as their father is injecting Dandy with an “invincibility injection,” criminals murder Dandy and Jones’ father. Dandy shoots himself up with the dregs from the needle and gains a fraction of Jones’ invincibility. He uses it to fight crime with Jones. Dandy and Jones fights a masked German and his ally, “the last witch from the Dark Ages, ha ha!” Dandy and Jones fights a deformed Moreau-like Mad Scientist and his dogs, which when they bite other people drive them mad with hydrophobia. Dandy and Jones fights a German using the head of the Medusa to kill patriotic Americans. And so on. They appear in stories with comics like “The Case of the Strangling Hair” and “The Head of Medusa.”

First Appearance: Yankee Comics #1 (Chesler/Dynamic), Sept 1941. 6 appearances, 1941-1944. Created by George Sultan and?










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