Cross-Draw Kid. “The Cross-Draw Kid! A name which freezes a killer’s gun hand to his holster when drawing against this nemesis of all outlaws! How did this young, fast-shooting buckaroo earn the reputation that has made his name feared by all who scoff at law and order? When he was only a boy, he saw his father drilled in the back by some desperate bushwacker...and strapping on his father’s guns, he took a vow to rid the west of all killers! Years of intense practice perfected for him the lightning cross-draw which makes the fastest gunman seems to be slow-dragging his irons...a draw which earned him the feared nickname of ‘the Cross-Draw Kid!’” Bud Steele is the Cross-Draw Kid. His horse is Thunder, his attitude grim, his appearance young, and his cross-draw swift and accurate. He fights men like the Skull, an owlhoot that wears a skull mask and hood, and El Tigre, a Mexican bandit with two trained jaguars. He appears in stories with titles like “Outlaw Mesa” and “The Nemesis of No Man’s Land.”

First Appearance: Western Adventures #1 (Ace), Oct 1948. 8 appearances, 1948-1949. Created by Max Elkan and ?





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