Crimson Avenger. “Feared by the underworld and hunted by the police, the Crimson carries on the work of befriending the helpless. Known as the Crimson to only his Chinese servant, Wing, Lee Travis is the wealthy young publisher of the Globe Leader.” The Crimson Avenger is also a member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory. He has no powers but is a strong fighter and uses a gas gun. Most of his opponents are ordinary, but there is the Boss and his zombies, the occasional Mad Scientist, and some name villains like Echo, Methuselah, and the crime genius the Brain. The Crimson Avenger appears in stories with titles like “The Phony Crimson Avenger,” “The Agita-Pulverizo Ray,” and “The Ghost Plane.”

First Appearance: Detective Comics #20 (DC), Oct 1938. 100+ appearances, 1938-1945. Created by Jim Chambers.








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