Crash Kid. “Night falls…and from the lowering shadows darts a strange, dynamic figure…a mysterious avenger who strikes fearlessly that justice may triumph! It’s the Crash Kid—facing deadly danger in a fast-paced crusade against crime!” His civilian identity is Rusty “Adams the Demon Copy Boy,” who is “on the hunt for action” for the Daily Herald. He uses the newspaper’s morgue to accumulate information on victims and suspects, and then pretends to be a reporter for the Daily Herald to get further information. Then he swings into action as the Crash Kid. He has no superpowers. He appears in “The Strange Case of the Black Dragon Gods!” “The Case of the Color-Blind Confessions,” and “The Crash Kid Crashes Through.”

First Appearance: Cannonball Comics #1 (Rural Home), Feb 1945. 3 appearances, 1945. Created by Bob Oksner.








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